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The Blogging Experiment

The semester is drawing to a close now, and this is the last blog post I am required to write for this class. I have been asked to reflect on the process of blogging and evaluate whether or not I see this as an outlet I may take advantage of in the future.
I came to this class being no stranger to blogging. In the past, I have run others, and now I add this one to the list of blogs which I found worthwhile and enjoyable to maintain. Some of the posts I have written for this blog have been difficult to write, but always worthwhile. At times it has been a struggle to create content within my assignment parameters. The college life is a busy one, and running a blog in the midst of it has made for something of a retreat from the craziness of the last semester.

This class has proven to me that I am capable of maintaining a blog even on top of my college workload — something I would not have assumed of myself. I don’t know if I will keep this one or perhaps move on to another, but as I stand now, I know I would like to encorproate blogging into my life moving out from this class.

As far as this blogging experiment, I would consider it a success. I appreciate the push this class made towards getting me to reenter the blogging world, and I think that blogging can provide a constructive outlet to the many questions college students may be grappling with in this time of their lives, as well as simply provide a haven from those questions as well.


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