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This post is made up of a free-write done as preparation for my larger fiction assignment later on. The world of this snippet is my own, so if I seem to be assuming knowledge of things that you as my readers don’t know about… That’s because I am. In complete stories, of course, I would resolve this issue better than I have here. As this is primarily in preparation for our upcoming assignment however, I elected to leave it as-is. Hopefully through this you as my readers can catch a small glimpse of the world inside my head that I draw so much of my inspiration in writing from.

Alyssandrea looked up from the textbook she was studying to make eye contact with Diamon. “Who were the Koku?

Diamon was visibly taken aback. “My lady, after your rigorous education, I cannot believe you would need to consider such a question after this long. You are entirely aware of Koku history leading up to the Liberation.”

“Yes, I know that I have read all the official documentation on our culture prior the Liberation, but as I read this text now, I realize that for all I have heard of the Koku, I cannot remember ever hearing about our friendship with them. I am aware that one must have existed, as we ultimately took them unaware before they could implement their plan of enslavement upon us, meaning that we must have had amicable relations with them at one point. What were those like?”

Diamon sputtered. “My lady, this is hardly appropriate. All we need know of the Koku after all this time is their plot to overthrow your father and seize control over our race.”

Alyssandrea slipped her bookmark in between the pages of the text she was reading and set it on the table. “I do not believe that to be necessarily the case. I have been taught that one must always understand one’s enemy if one is to make headway against them.”

“I hardly need remind your ladyship that the Koku have already been beaten thoroughly,” Diamon chided. “It has been fourteen years since the Liberation occurred, and we have had not one sighting of a Koku since. Had any survived the Liberation, many believe that they must have died off alone in the mountains some time ago.”

Something about the history of the Koku was unsettling to Alyssandrea, though she could not decipher her own feelings on the matter enough to truly comprehend her own thoughts. No race could truly be completely evil, she reasoned inwardly, and yet that is the manner the Koku are commonly attributed. “If all of the Koku were thoroughly evil, why did a symbiotic relationship between the Koku and the Wyri ever exist in the first place?”

“We were, sadly, quite mistaken in our trust in the Koku, just as you have read. They appeared warm and genuine from the outside, but inwardly hold nothing but hate in their hearts. As you well know, their hearts do not beat as ours do. At thrice the speed and intensity, the Koku heart keeps a relentless timer within them, driving them to impulsivity and outbursts of anger that our kind does not share. They were not built for elegance as we are. They were traitorous soldiers, nothing more.”


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